Friday, September 21, 2007

Back to Railay

So, I've been debating with myself on where to go next. Maybe Ko Tao? Back to Railay?Cambodia? Pai? Chaing Mai? So I decided to head back to Railay for two days to climb with some friends. Then Ankor Wat for a couple of days. And then Chaing Mai. If I have time, Pai. Pai supposed to be this cool hippie town that is a must see.

Today, after wishing my friend Dona a farewell as she is heading out to Ko Tao, I decided to take a little hike. Great idea when it's like 95 degrees out. But I know that there are monkeys out there in the jungle, and dammit I was going to go make friends. After about an hour of hiking to the top of the island known as the viewpoint, I saw no evidence of my little furry buddies. But it was a great little hike anyway. Kinda nice to get off of the main strip. So now I sit in the refreshing A.C. waiting for my boat to come pick me up.

I've been having a great time here in Ko PhiPhi, but it's just too much of a party scene. Vendors everywhere hawking their overpriced goods at you. Loud booming music. Garbage littering the streets (yup, it's third world alright) Beach parties filled with imported frat boys. But there is a beautiful side to this little island as well. Palm trees, warm sapphire water, beautiful limestone cliffs. Although I didn't have the chance to climb here, there are definitely some amazing looking routes. As I mentioned before, the diving is spectacular. And there's just something about sitting on the front porch of your bungalow, sipping mango juice while reading a book during sunset and listening as the mosque's call to prayer echos throughout the island. Just beautiful.

OK, time to go hop on a boat.