Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Shorts

Holy shit, I'm in Bangkok! After close to 30 hours of flying, waiting to fly and a couple of taxi rides, I finally made it. So, from the airport is was about an hour's drive to the New Siam guesthouse where I am currently nursing my hangovers for the next couple of days. I'm about a block off of Ko Saun Road, the renown (or infamous, pending how you look at it) haven for backpackers. Set next to an alley busseling with vendors, tuk-tuks, taxis, motorcycles, vendors, monks, travelers and the occasional mongrel. All I can say is that years of Phish tour have not prepared me for this assault on the senses; though it did help soften the blow. It's like Shakedown street with a population of 10 million. If that doesn't help, visualize New Orleans on Fat Tuesday with dengue fever.

Food, travel & clothing are pretty cheap here, though I must learn to haggle. There is definitely a learning curve for the first time traveler here in Southeast Asia. And it's a steep one my friends. Tomorrow I head to Krabi. A twelve hour train ride, to tropical beaches and limestone cliffs.

And now for the gear review (this is for you guys back at the shop) :

So Kris K, we've got to talk about the North Face shorts you recommended. While they are indeed comfortable, quick-drying and breathable, there is a big flaw. (And I'm pretty sure that I'm using the word 'big' here aptly.) Because they are a bit baggy in front, the extra fabric tends to create the illusion of, well, let's just say they make me look like I'm happy to see someone. And because most of the tables at which one dines is below knee level, this protrusion of bunched fabric is very apparent. I have now dubbed these shorts, my "happy shorts." I first noticed this attribute last night, while dining at a very cool open-air restaurant. As I reclined back in my bamboo chair, gulping down a deuce-deuce of Singha and watching the spectacle of the alley. I looked down to swat a mosquito. That's when I noticed it. Today, I buy a longer shirt.

La gon.


PS-I have changed the settings on my bog to allow anyone to make comments, so feel free guys. It would be great to hear from you all!!


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  2. You said "bog." It's a blog.

    Have fun mang. Bring me back some tacos.

  3. Run away from Ko San road as fast as you can. Whatever you do, don't try to buy anything big there. You will end up with no money and only happy shorts to show for it. Enjoy the train ride. Say hi to Tonsai. May I recommend the green valley resort.

  4. Hello there dano or should I say happy shorts :) he he..
    I can picture you so perfectly arguing at the check in counter and flashing your mojo...I love ya!... Anyways glad you’re having an adventure...Keep on!
    Peace and Gratitude

  5. I needed a good laugh tonight! Happy shorts! wheeeeeee!