Thursday, September 20, 2007

The High Seas

Guys I got to tell you, it sure is rough staying in Thailand. Today, I hired a dive boat to take me out for a re certification dive. Since it's been like a decade since I went diving, I thought it would be a good idea to get a refresher. (I actually had homework last night!) So I spent the day on a boat, listening to music, eating pineapple and talking to a beautiful French dive instructor. Yup, it's rough. So, the diving here in Ko Phi Phi is amazing! And they say it's even better in Ko Tao. But frankly I have no idea how that's possible! On the first my climbing wounds were picked cleaned by wrasses (slender green fish that pick parasites and other crud from other fish). We let the current take us by hundred of different species of coral and fish. We even saw a turtle! The fish nerd was truly coming out in me. My mind was going a million miles an hours as I scanned the reef through the crystal clear water and was said to myself, "Wow, an emperor angelfish..Over there, it's a copperband butterflyfish...Holy crap, is that a leopard shark!?" The only thing I was missing was the Zissou soundtrack. On the second dive, it was more of the same. Though when we came to the surface, we were directly underneath a gigantic chandelier of stalactites. Amazing! Man what a day. Now after a long nap, I'm off to meet up with some friends for dinner.

Today will most likely be my last night here in Ko Phi Phi. I'm going to head back over to Railay tomorrow to get some more climbing in. Then Cambodia. Then Chiang Mai.

Miss you guys!


  1. I can totally hear that "fish nerd" voice like the old days! That sounds like a really awesome day mang.

    Don't move, I'll be right there!