Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Nights in Ko Phi Phi

So, it was a late one last night here on Ko Phi Phi folks. After a few Singhas, I thought it was a great idea to go to a muy thai match. It was there that I thought it was a better idea to challenge a friend of mine to a match of our own. Apparently, if you fight, you get free drinks. What a novel idea! So, after much provoking, I got my friend in the ring. As I climbed up and in, I was approached by a British dude that asked if he can be my coach. "Dude, let me be Micky!" His job as coach was to feed me beer during rest breaks. (I love this place) Anyway after they handed us gloves, head gear and boxing shorts we just went at it. I think we put on a good show, and the crowd loved it. Oh and by the way...I won. Glad I took all of those kickboxing lessons years back!


  1. Dan we will have to box when you get back to work.. Although if you insist on using any of that silly muy thai i'm gonna beat you with a sack full of sweet valencia oranges (cuz they don't leave a bruise) sounds like your having a good time! keep up the posts! and the pics.. andy

  2. Did you throw sand his eyes? That always works!!

  3. Beer never tastes quite as sweet, than when it is earned by thrashing a good friends ass.