Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still in Railay

I just can't seem to leave this place. The climbing is just incredible! My friend Carter and I took a little exploration trip through a cave the other day to find some more spots to climb. The cave, located on the north end of Phra Nang beach. As we entered the cave, we were greeted by huge cathedral-like ceilings 60 meters high, bamboo ladders lashed together with hemp rope (no doubt put there by the climbing guides) and of course our friendly neighborhood bats. So, needless to say it's a pretty cool(and dark) cave. Glad I brought my headlamp with me! Once you go through the cave, you come out the other side and you're now about 30 meters above another beach with dozens of routes below. The view was amazing! We're supposed to climb there today, but it's pouring rain. No worries, I could use a rest day.

later everyone!

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  1. sounds like you are having a great thai experience. A lot of "Mai ben rai" (kind of means "whatever" or "it is nothing" which will take you very far in thailand.
    Railay kicks ass, eh? it is definitely a paradise. I head back to Chiang Mai on tuesday. Hopefully you can make it up there.