Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Taipei Airport

So, I'm in Korea sipping a can of Taiwan Beer.. No really, that's the actual name on the can. Big. blue letters 'Taiwan Beer.' It's like Budweiser, only worse. But whatever, I've got a beer in my hand. And I just spent the past 14 hours getting chased down by the sun. It caught up with us somewhere over Japan. And the result was splendid. Whispy crimson plumes blanketed the sky below us. But, I really haven't slept for more than 20 minutes at a time since I left the States at 2am. Asia Air seats...not too comfy for those 5'10" and above. But the beer was free. And each seat had a personal flatscreen with your choice of movies, music, games, even a webcam from the vantage point of the plane's nose. Which probably would have been pretty cool, if it wasn't dark. Watched 3 movies, and only busted out the ipod for about 20 minutes.

So, I learned a little travel lesson today. When the friendly stewards announce your gate number...double check it on a kiosk. Allow me to explain... When they finnally began the boarding call (45 minutes late)for BKK, I jumped in line, ticket in hand and eager for my last leg of this long journey. I handed them my boarding pass and heard a very unfortunate beep. That fucking beep just cost me 5 hours. Apparently my Bangkok flight has already boarded, so (now get this) they didn't load enough food on the plane for me to board. And it's against rules & regs to allow someone on a plane if there is not a meal prepared for them. I pleaded and begged explaining that I really didn't care if they fed me or not. I even showed them a Mojo bar that I had in my pocket. "I'm self sufficient, don't worry 'bout feeding me." But I must say, there was no sign of 'Jersey Dan.' I kept my cool, after all it was my job to double check the proper gate. Anyway, I'm still in Taiwan eating overpriced sandwiches and drinking even more overpriced beer. But hey, I'm in no rush..I've got a month after all...later!


  1. I'll cheers your beer with my New Belgium Mothership Wit. Glad you made it across the pond alright.

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  3. sounds classic. I can picture you showing the gate attendant your mojo (bar) and them just not having it. Welcome to Asia! But I'm confused. Were you in Korea or Taipei or just to jetlagged to know where in the world you are?