Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thai Massage

As I'm typing this a boy around 12 years old is walking down the street with an acoustic guitar in hand. He's belting out a song that sounds almost entirely nothing like Rainy Day Women. A monk draped in flowing orange garb follows shortly behind. I am really starting to fall in love with this place. Thailand is kind of like when you're a kid (or an adult!) and you peer into a tide pool. In just one contained area, there's a plethora of little scurrying surprises under every stone you flip over. And it's just waiting to be discovered. Anyway let's get to the title shall we?

If you've never had a Thai massage, you haven't lived. Imagine going an hour in the ring with Brazilian Jui Jitsu legend, Joyce Gracie. They throw you through a series of back stretches, leg locks and various other creative submission holds I never even imagined. They stretch every ligament you have in you're entire body. (And before all of your perverted little minds start drifting towards the dark side here, I will say that it was very professional and wasn't a "massage." No happy endings here folks.) Afterward, you feel like jello, and you're about a full inch taller than when you first went in. And it's all done by a Thai lady who stands about 5' tall and weighs no more than 90lbs. My friends and I decided to go a round with one of these lethal little ladies after a big climbing day in Railay. After pulling down on overhanging limestone all day, it's just the thing for those pumped out arms. We followed it with a huge fish dinner and drinks with a few fellow travelers. And I swear, every time I went out to dinner with the guys, it was like a U.N. meeting. Swedes, Israelis, Spaniards, British, Irish, Aussies; but very few Americans. I must say I represented the U.S. pretty well. In other words, I kept up.

So, in Chiang Mai right now. Went out for Sushi with a few friends and it cost us about 100 baht each. That's about 3 bucks! With beer!! Have I told you how much I love this place?!

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  1. Sitting for 10 hrs each day in my office in DC makes me REALLY miss Thai massages! Fantastic commentary, Dan.