Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So, I was sitting at an internet cafe in Chiang Mai going through my emails when I came across one from my friend Zack back in NJ. The subject read something along the lines of 'Boognish and Shit.' And the body of the email was a simple reminder that Ween was coming to Seattle in November. And that I better get my ass in gear and buy some tickets. Oh crap, I need to buy my tickets! So, I busted out my plastic and clicked over to ticketbastard.com. Five minutes later, I had tickets to see a band from my home town in New Jersey who are playing in Seattle that I purchased from 7,000 miles away in Chiang Mai. The internet is a beautiful thing.

So a few years back, my friend John had an online zine that allowed us to actually get our grubby little paws on highly coveted press passes from time to time. John actually got us into some pretty big shows. We shot the Summit Festival where String Cheese headlined, Bonnaroo in Tennessee where everybody headlined and we even interviewed Strangefolk on their tour bus one time in Manhattan. Needless to say, those were some happening times. So, on a whim I thought I would just drop Ween an line to see if I can grab some press passes from them. I merely said, hey I haven't had a chance to photograph Ween since I was back home in New Hope and it would great if I could shoot them out here in Seattle. About an hour later from the band's manager. I had my reply. It read: Dan sure you can shoot the show, it will be waiting at will call...Right on!

Man, I can't believe all that took was an email. Ween is by far one of my most favorite bands to photograph. Even after so many years of touring, they still manage to have such a great time on stage. And it shows. Check out Deaner's new blog here:

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