Saturday, April 19, 2008

For Love of Food

To truly experience, wholefully enjoy and just flat out live Life, one must just get out there and taste. What have we become here people? Our "food" is processed, warmed and delivered by a pasty clown wearing big red shoes! C'mon now, that's just not right. Why must everything in our lives be so damn prepackaged?

I want my fast food to have wheels beneath it. Pad Thai from a food stall rolling down the humid roads of Bangkok. A bowl of red curry on the outskirts of a street market in Bangladesh. Hell, I'll settle for a churro from that little guy pushing his little belled cart down the dusty barios of Tijuana.

With that churro, you may get a story, be told a joke or maybe just exchange a sincere smile. I don't really see that exchange happening with the speakerbox in the drive through.

America, we've lost our sense of adventure. Trade in your chocolate Frosty for a wooden cup of Brazilian Mate. Even if you can't cross any international borders right now, try to seek out something different. Break out of your flavorless rut and mix it up a little. Just get out there and let your mouth be your passport and food a tasty visa.

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