Sunday, March 10, 2013

Photo Essay of the Week #4 - Dimitri Kieffer

Dimitri Kieffer holds the world in his hand - Post Alley - Seattle, WA

 World-class adventurer and founder of Nexus Expeditions, Dimitri Kieffer has taken on a campaign of global proportions.  Under the banner of Nexus, Dimitri is circumnavigating the globe through human power while connecting different societies, civilizations and landscapes. And he's damn good at what he does.  

Nexus Expedition proposed route.

Let's go to the Bering Straight for a moment.  It's an inhospitable landscape composed of pack ice and fissures that threaten to send you to the bottom of a frigid black abyss.  Now, imagine pulling a sled loaded with hundred of pounds of gear across this sea of ice, occasionally having to swim the frigid waters while battling strong currents with ice tools in hand.  Add to that, blinding whiteouts and the occasional polar bear.  When you finally reach land, you're immediately detained and promptly deported.  "Congratulations on being the first to ever cross the Bering Straight from East to West, you're under arrest."  And that was just the first leg of Dimitri's journey.

I had a chance to spend a couple of days photographing Dimitri during a much needed expedition break in his hometown of Seattle.

Dimitri demonstrates his sled pulling skills while wearing traditional Mongolian garb - Pike's Market - Seattle, WA

He claims that he did not bite the head off this fish, but I'm still not convinced. - Pike's Fish Market - Seattle, WA

Dimitri outside his sponsor's bike shop, Freerange Cycles - Seattle, WA

Post Alley - Seattle, WA

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