Monday, April 29, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

Thanks to the generous contributions that rolled in over the past couple of months, it looks like I'm off to Ecuador!  I just wanted to thank all that have helped by spreading the word and donating their hard earned money to this volunteer photography excursion.   Thanks to you all, the CRACYP will get the images it so desperately needs to help market their amazing environmental and humanitarian mission. 

For those that are wondering, here's the rough outline of this expedition:

5/1 - Fly to Quito (arrive 5/2)

5/3 - Hop on a bus and head down to the village of Jilimbe'

5/4 - 5/16 - Spend my time photographing the sugarcane farmers, distilling process & landscape & wildlife in and around Jilimbe'

5/17 - 5/22 - Since I was already in Ecuador, I decided I might as well stay an extra week and work on another worthwhile photo project as well.  I will head northeast towards San Rafael Falls to document a hydroelectric dam project.  Yup, the tallest waterfall feature in Ecuador will be forever slowed to a trickle after completion of this dam.  In addition to the construction itself, I intend to photograph the flora and fauna that will be detrimentally effected by this construction project. 

Once I return, I will be hunker down in my studio and post process my butt off.  The images will then be delivered to the CRACYP for editorial and website purposes.  I'll then send off all of the incentive prints, postcards and souvenirs to those who supported this trip.  Last I'll assemble a gallery exhibit for a Seattle show (details TBD).

Where I'm going, internet connections will be sparse.  So, I'll try and make posts as soon as I can.

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